How to Love Exercise & Start Eating Healthy!

 Do you struggle with maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly?

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Do you dream of the day when you can finally be happy with your body? Do you feel exhausted from continually being at war with your eating and exercise habits?

As a Health & Fitness Coach, I coach people in making lasting lifestyle changes by challenging them to change the way they think and feel about their bodies and exercise. I offer Individual Coaching and a 6 Week Group Coaching Program.

You may think that all you need is a more effective workout program or stronger willpower, but until you change the way you think about fitness and relate to your body, you are doomed to repeat the same bad exercise habits and diet patterns over and over again.

Do you…..

  • hate exercise?
  • wish you could learn how to love exercise?
  • have a difficult time making fitness a regular part of your day?
  • feel like your eating is out of control?
  • often ask yourself why can’t I lose weight?!
  • dread the thought of dieting again
  • feel totally frustrated with your food cravings and lack of energy?
  • try different fitness programs and diets, only to abandon them after a short time?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, the good news is you have come to the right place. The even better news is that you CAN become a fit person who actually likes exercise and makes good food choices (most of the time)!

So stop thinking of yourself as an unfit, lazy person and instead start seeing yourself as a potentially fit person with a few self defeating thoughts and habits. While thoughts and habits are powerful, they are not set in stone – they can be changed. Download my free workbook Kickstart Your Fitness: Transform Your Eating & Exercise Habits in 3 Weeks (top right box on this page) to help get you started.

Want to know if Health & Fitness Coaching is for you? Read what people are saying about their coaching experience or check out the frequently asked questions for more info.

In addition to my Health & Fitness Coaching services, my blog offers tips, recipes, motivation and more to get you started off on the right foot. So kick back, sip some lemon water (or something less wholesome) and enjoy browsing through this site and beginning the process of creating a healthier life for yourself! I promise you that you CAN discover how to love exercise and start eating healthy in a way that fits with your life.