How to Love Exercise in 3 Easy Steps!

Hate exercise? Wish you loved going to the gym, running and doing power yoga? If you are one of the many people who hate working out, you have probably noticed that it is really hard to get motivated to do it!

Which makes perfect sense! The secret to staying motivated to exercise is to actually enjoy doing it. But how to love exercise? Changing your thoughts about exercise is the quickest and most effective way to change your health and body.

Positive thoughts about exercise = Enjoying exercise = Sticking with exercise

How to change your thinking in 3 easy steps:

how to love exercise

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Step #1: Accept where you are – and choose to love and honor yourself anyway.
Don’t waste time beating yourself up or wishing you were different. If you hate exercise, be honest with yourself. On a sheet of paper, write the following:
I really dislike exercising, and that’s okay. I choose to love and accept myself anyway.

Step #2: Be open to the possibility that your thoughts and feelings can change.
In your journal, write the following: Even though I don’t like exercise, I am open to the possibility that my feelings about it can change.

After you write this, imagine yourself enjoying exercise. Imagine what that would feel like. How would you know you loved exercise? Would you be excited to get up in the morning to do your workout? Would you feel energized afterwards? Really get a clear picture of your exercise loving self in your mind – and believe that it is possible for you to love exercise, even if you don’t feel this way right now.

Step #3: Tell yourself that it is safe to love exercise.
In your journal, write the following: It is safe for me to love exercise, OR it is safe for me to be fit.

Intense exercise stimulates the production of adrenaline, which is also present in the body when you are in a state of fear. This can make exercise seem pretty unpleasant and on a subconscious level you may associated it with being in danger. Similarly, we often eat to soothe ourselves and for many people, extra fat on their bodies makes them feel protected.

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Read over your journal entries twice each day. Or better yet, say the three phrases to yourself throughout the day – particularly when you are feeling unmotivated to workout. You will be on your way to loving exercise in no time!


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