New Year’s Resolutions: 2 Things You’re Doing Wrong!

It’s getting to be that time of year again…New Years resolution time! The most common kinds of New Year’s resolutions revolve around changing eating and exercise habits, which is great. However, most people fail to stick to their New Year’s resolutions. Why?

2 Big Reasons!

In all my years working in the fitness industry and helping people achieve their goals, I have identified two major mistakes that many people make when they try to change their health habits.

Mistake #1: You are too focused on what you shouldn’t be eating
If you have ever gone on a diet, you know what I mean by this. Many diets focus on what foods you need to limit or cut out completely, like high fat foods, carbs, sugar, gluten, etc. This puts your mind in a state of lack. You begin thinking about all the foods you can’t eat and you start to feel hungry….and maybe even angry!

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Instead of focusing so much on what you shouldn’t be eating, focus on incorporating healthier foods into your diet. Stock up on fresh veggies and try making some different dips – like avocado dip, spicy peanut dip or yogurt ranch dip. Look at healthy cooking cookbooks to get ideas and focus on making balanced meals.

Incorporating more greens, veggies and fruit into your diet is more enjoyable than obsessing about cutting out the naughty foods!

Mistake #2: You are too focused on what you should be doing.
When it comes to exercise, many people feel that it is just another thing they should be doing, but not really something they want to do. Like flossing and mammograms.

Exercise is not a chore, its a privilege. If you are healthy and able enough to move your body you are lucky. Our bodies were designed to move, not to sit at a desk for hours. Stop seeing exercise as something you should do and start seeing it as something you get to do.

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I realize that having a busy schedule can mean not having much time for yourself, which can make you feel like your scarce free time should not be squandered on a treadmill. Fair enough! But if you shift your idea of exercise  so that you see your workout time as me-time – time you have to invigorate your mind, body and spirit and just be in the moment – I can guarantee you will find it easy to achieve regular exercise.

So this year when you make your New Year’s resolution, don’t think you have to force yourself to do something that sucks (working out) and refrain from indulging in dietary debauchery (pasta with cream sauce and cheese). Instead just focus on enjoying moving your body and eating fresh, green, balanced meals and I promise your cravings for cheesy pasta and couch-time will subside!

This year, do something different and treat yourself to some Private Coaching sessions to help transform your mind and body.


Healthy Diet Tips

First off I need to confess that I am not a fan of alot of the diet advice out there, most of which makes healthy eating out to be this miserable, joyless ordeal.  I believe that counting calories, denying myself treats and obsessing about food is a complete waste of time. Eating healthy doesn’t have to conflict with eating well, as long as you follow a few healthy diet tips. Here are my Top 7 Healthy Diet Tips to help you eat better:

1) Don’t focus on calorie counting and depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy. Instead focus on choosing foods that nourish your body, give you energy and make you feel good.

2) Keep a positive food journal where you keep track of all the healthy things you eat – make it your goal to fill your journal each day!

3) Indulge in small, healthy snacks throughout the day like carrot sticks and hummus, rice crackers with cucumber slices, popcorn with olive oil and nutritional yeast, or apple slices with a little almond butter.

4) When you go to the fridge to grab a snack, check in with your belly – is it really hungry or is the hunger in your mind?

5) Stay mindful of how your stomach feels as you are eating. When you feel full, put down your fork. Refrigerate your leftovers and finish them later when you are hungry again.

6) Cut out all sugary soft drinks – replace with carbonated water and lime juice with mint leaves or other fruit slices or berries.

7) If you get a sweet tooth in the evenings, try drinking tea with licorice or cinnamon in it – the natural sweetness curbs cravings for desserts.

Try working these 7 Healthy Diet Tips into your daily life and you will notice what a difference they make in the long run.