How To Love Exercise

Believe it or not, your workout can be a very enjoyable part of your day and not just another thing you have to do. Here are my top 5 fitness tips for making exercise something you can actually look forward to:

1) Mix it up! Don’t just do one kind of exercise. If you go for a run on Monday, do weights on Tuesday and enjoy a yoga class on Wednesday. Not only will your body be challenged by the variety, but it will thank you as you won’t be putting repeated stress on the same joints day after day. And you are less likely to get bored if you change things up.

2) Aim for 20-30 min a day, everyday. It is better to a little exercise more often than doing one long workout a week. This way, it is easier to make exercise a regular, everyday habit. And with 20-30 min it is not some daunting, unachievable task.

3) Workout in an environment that you enjoy. If you don’t like The Gym, don’t go. Figure out a way to workout at home or outdoors. Or take a dance fitness class, go swimming or do some yoga in your backyard. Many people have this idea that if you aren’t on a treadmill at the gym, it doesn’t count as exercise. There are many different ways to move your body and burn calories, so choose something that energizes you!

4) Listen to your favorite music. Take the time to regularly update your ipod so you always have new music to enjoy. This can be a great motivator to workout!

 5) Think of your exercise time as me-time. This is the time when you can clear your mind and focus on yourself. Its like a trip to the spa….but not quite as relaxing!

Do you have any secret tricks for making your workout time enjoyable? If so, what are they?