3 Rockin’ Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

Looking for new motivation to exercise this Winter? It can be tempting to give in to the Holiday silliness of frantic shopping, obligatory Christmas parties and all out gluttony, all the while avoiding your workouts. But since giving yourself an extra boost of fitness motivation will keep you sane this Winter, I wanted to share my 3 favourite ways to get excited about working out:

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1) Buy yourself nice workout gear
This actually makes quite a difference in how you feel about exercising. If you are working out in old, crappy, stained t-shirts and stretched out yoga pants, you probably don’t feel or look your best during exercise.

While you certainly don’t need flashy new workout clothes, if you feel good about your appearance when your exercising, you are creating a positive association with working out. And if you feel good while working out, you will want to do it more often.

Of course, you don’t want this to become just another excuse not to exercise (I can’t start working out until I have a whole new gym wardrobe…), but you generally want to avoid wearing fitness clothing that is physically uncomfortable or that makes you feel self conscious (like what the lady above is wearing).

2) Try something new!
Break out of your shell and try something different – something that scares you a bit – like pole dancing or indoor rock climbing. Not only will this shake you out of your workout slump and challenge your body in new ways, but it will keep your mind present and focused – you may even forget that you are “exercising.”

For Christmas I bought myself a go-go dancing DVD. I don’t know how much of a workout it will actually be, but I think it will be a nice change of pace from my usual workout routines (plus, the YouTube video for it kind of cracked me up 😉

3) Download new music, often
Frequently changing and updating your ipod with motivating music will have you looking forward to your workout time. There is nothing worse than being stuck listening to the same horrid Lady Gaga song that you’ve already heard 1000 times while your running on the treadmill.

Choose music that energizes you and change it often to avoid boredom. Or better yet, switch ipods with your workout buddy every now and then just to mix things up.

Good luck this Holiday Season! In the comments box below, let me know how you like to keep yourself motivated to workout during the Winter months….

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  1. Yeah, getting new workout clothes totally helps me feel motivated. Love that gogo dance video! I will have to try that out some time…..

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