What can I expect from one-on-one Health and Fitness Coaching?

Coaching sessions are carried out once a week. The sessions are done over the phone and are approximately 45 minutes in length. Sessions are solution focused and designed to move you closer to your goal each week.

There are a series of steps that we will move through during our sessions, which include clarifying your goal, becoming aware of your current “blueprint” of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and habits, identifying your blocks and creating a new blueprint. Finally, setting up support structures and maintaining your new  habits will ensure that your healthy lifestyle continues long after our Health and Fitness Coaching sessions have ended.

Homework assignments are given at the end of each session and you will have unlimited email support in between our sessions.

How do I know if Health and Fitness Coaching is for me?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I ready to challenge my limiting beliefs?
  • Am I willing to try a totally different approach to living a healthy lifestyle?
  • Am I open to listening to my body?
  • Do I want to develop more compassion for my body and self?
  • Am I open to practicing mindfulness/awareness in my daily life?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, then it’s likely that Health & Fitness Coaching will be a good fit for you. But in order to further answer this question I would like to explain what coaching isn’t.

Health and Fitness Coaching is not a quick fix. If you are looking to lose a lot of weight quickly, coaching may not be right for you at this time. However, if you have tried various diets and fitness regimes in the past, only to fall off the bandwagon and gain back the weight you had lost and are now ready for a different approach, coaching may be a good fit.

I will not tell you what to do!  Many people just want someone to tell them what they need to do and give them a list of rules and guidelines to follow, but I like to take a different approach. I will encourage you to explore your thoughts and feelings about food and exercise, instead of looking outside yourself for a magic solution. This allows for a greater understanding of why you do the things you do and how these habits and patterns can be changed for the long-term. While I do provide some healthy eating and exercise guidance, we will work together to establish your goals and design your action plan.

Health and Fitness Coaching is not counseling or therapy.
If you are suffering from an addiction, eating disorder or depression, be sure to seek help from a licensed professional. Coaching is not a substitute for medical advice, counseling or psychotherapy.

What style of coaching do you use?

I primarily use a Solution Focused model of coaching that centers around empowering my clients to tap into their inner resources to change unhelpful habits and beliefs about exercise, eating and their bodies. I also take a holistic, body-centered approach, emphasizing the power of tapping into the wisdom of the body to bring about awareness and facilitate change.