Personal Training

Private personal training sessions are designed to meet your specific needs and goals. Everyone’s body is different in regards to posture, prior injuries and areas of strength and weakness. One-on-one sessions allow for your unique needs to be worked with so that your goals can be achieved.

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Rates for In-studio Training
1 session: $50
1 month (1 x week): $180
1 month (2 x week): $344
1 month (3 x week): $480

Rates for In-home Sessions
1 session: $70
1 month (1 x week): $260
1 month (2 x week): $480
1 month (3 x week): $660

Why Hire a Personal Trainer?
As your personal trainer, I can bring you the guidance and motivation you are looking for. Every workout will be effective, balanced and safe, making sure you get the most out of your workout time. Working with a personal trainer is perhaps the fastest and most direct route to improving your health and fitness and keeping you accountable to your exercise goals.

Benefits of Personal Training:

  • Personal attention
  • Sessions are adapted to your needs
  • Certified and experienced trainer
  • Convenience – I can bring the workout to you!
  • Affordable!
  • No gym or membership fees
  • Workouts are fun and effective – the time will fly by!

Benefits of In-home Personal Training:

  • Workout in the comfort of your own home
  • Save gas money and travel time!
  • Perfect for busy, on-the-go people

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