“I absolutely loved my coaching time with Kate! She is a fantastic coach and asks all the right questions. She is super supportive and I love talking with her, I feel like she relates easily and often has some amazing wisdom to share. Kate has a very strong intuition and always seems to have the perfect question to ask, or a tool in her toolkit to help you in whatever area you need assistance in. During one of our calls she helped me come to the most amazing realization, one that has changed my entire outlook on my life and has given me a huge sense of freedom, for that I’m super grateful! I would highly recommend Kate to anyone looking for a coach. She is well versed in so many areas that I am confident you will find her a great support to you on your life path as she has been on mine.”
~ Naomi teWinkel


“I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Kate’s 6 week program. I have been able to evaluate my habits, and really start to make genuine changes in my life. I find myself using the techniques, and thinking about the items that Kate taught me in my daily life, and have been able to use these to make some positive changes and stick with my goal. Thanks to Kate, I’ve been able to achieve my goal, and stick with it for the first time in years. I’ve also noticed a very positive change in my life and overall attitude.”



“Hearing the different stories and struggles made me want to get serious about changing my habit.  I have always had this feeling of entitlement and that was my excuse for unconsciously putting food in my mouth.  You made me see that this was a childish response, not that of an adult who is trying to get things under control.”

~Darlene, Group Coaching Participant


“Kate is a super coach. I enjoy our weekly sessions, and am pleased with the results I’m getting!”

~Barbra Sundquist